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Reported: July 2013

Oil Creek Trail...

Biking Through Pennsylvania's Oil History

The trail runs through Oil Creek State Park, the park and surrounding area is the center of the first oil boom in the U.S. The scenic 9.7 mile paved trail is an easy ride that follows Oil Creek along an old rail bed. Trailheads are at Petroleum Centre at the south end and Drake Well Museum and Park at the north end. Picnic tables, benches, restrooms, and rain shelters are located along the trail, and interpretative markers provide information on the area and its history. (Detailed map and photos below.)

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Biking Map...
Oil Creek Trail

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Location: Titusville, Venango County, Pennsylvania (See map)
Distance: 9.7 miles
Surface: Asphalt

Support and Advocacy:
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Bike Shops/Rentals:
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Petroleum Centre

Trailhead at Petroleum Centre, near the main entrance to Oil Creek State Park. The Visitor Center has oil industry historical displays and there are tableaus that recreate life in the valley. A train still stops at the Petroleum Centre station. The park also has hiking trails and four waterfalls.

Drake Well Museum and Park

The trailhead is located at Drake Well Museum and Park, birthplace of the modern oil industry when Edwin Drake drilled the first commercially successful oil well in 1859. Exhibits include operating oil field machinery and a replica of the original well house. Many recreational activities at the park in addition to the bike trail are hiking, fishing, picnicking.

The Oil Industry

There are many historical reminders of the oil industry including the well recreation at the trailhead and oil drilling machinery. Barges were used to transport barrels of oil down Oil Creek to the Allegheny River. The Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad crosses the trail and creek - take a vintage train excursion.

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