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Two Top Paved Alabama Bike Trails...

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Much of the biking in Alabama is mountain or road biking, but we visited two paved bike trails that we much enjoyed. The Chief Ladiga Trail ranks as a premier bike trail at 32.5 miles. At the Alabama/Georgia border, it links to the 60-mile Silver Comet Trail. Of the two, we found the Chief Ladiga to be the more tranquil ride. Most scenic is the first 13.6 miles within the Alabama hill country, from the State line to tiny Piedmont, AL.

The Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail is actually a 15-mile "trail system" consisting of 7 short, interconnected, yet separately named trails located mostly within Gulf State Park. If your travels take you along Alabama's Gulf Coast, check it out.

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Chief Ladiga Trail

Biking, Chief Ladiga Trail,Alabama,

32.5 miles from the Georgia State Line to Anniston, AL.

Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail

Bike Colorado,

15-mile multi-purpose trail system


More information about biking in Alabama:
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