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Reported: Oct. 2016

Confederation Trail...

Bike Trail Across Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada

Prince Edward Island is an idyllic location and the Confederation Trail, on an abandoned Prince Edward Island Railway railbed, totals about 449 km, including several trail Branches. When the railroad was abandoned in 1989, the provincial government purchased the entire right-of-way and developed the trail. The Confederation Trail also comprises a portion of the Trans Canada Trail. (Detailed map and photos below.)

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Biking Map...
Confederation Trail

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Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada (See map)
Distance: 260 miles
Surface: Rolled stone dust over crushed stone

Bike Shops/Rentals:
Confederation Trail Bike Rental Adventures external (St. Peter's Bay; rentals)
Kingfisher Outdoors external (Morell; rentals)
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Biking on the Confederation Trail

 St. Peters Bay to Morell

On this ride, we rented bikes and rode a particularly scenic section along St. Peters Bay, west from the town of St. Peters Bay to Morell (about 15 miles round-trip). Although unpaved, the trail is rideable on a rolled stone dust surface, running through forests and farmland, on scenic bridges over rivers, and through small towns. The trail has mileposts, interpretive signs, benches, picnic tables, shelters, and scenic look-outs. Long stretches run through rural areas with little shade, but other sections - particularly near the water (rivers and bays) - are more scenic.

Confederation Trail... Marked Distances

Best thought of as a trail "network," all parts of the Confederation Trail total about 449 km. Distances along the main Trail are marked regularly from West to East, with Tignish being 0 km and Elmira 273 km. Several side trails branch off from the main Trail and lead to the coast. Distances for each Branch are also marked, from 0 km at the junction with the main Trail, increasing to Branch's end. These Branches (aka "Links") make up a significant portion of the Confederation Trail and offer numerous options for easy recreational biking and exploring various parts of PEI near the coastline.

     Main Trail Distances:

  • Tignish to O'Leary (45 km easy to moderate)
  • O'Leary to Wellington (45 km easy to moderate)
  • Wellington to Hunter River (65 km moderate to hard)
  • Hunter River to Morell (65 km moderate to hard)
  • Morell to Elmira (54 km moderate)

     Branch Trail Distances:

  • Emerald to Borden-Carleton (18 km easy)
  • Cardigan Junction to Montague (10 km easy)
  • Royalty Junction to Charlottetown (8 km easy)
  • Mt. Stewart to Georgetown (39 km moderate)
  • New Harmony Junction to Souris (8 km easy)
  • Stratford to Murray Harbour (80 km moderate)

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