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Reported: Sept. 2013

High Line Canal Trail...

Colorado Biking

This popular route runs 71 miles from Aurora, through Denver, to Littleton, CO. Paved portions are in Denver and Aurora, other areas are packed gravel or dirt. Activities include biking, hiking, jogging and horseback riding, with several parks nearby. Designated a National Landmark Trail, the trail is owned by Denver Water and maintained by local municipalities. The canal was completed in 1883, in 1970 a development effort was undertaken to make the trail accessible for recreation. Denver Water publishes an excellent guide external we recommend if attempting this ride. (Detailed map and photos below.)

High Line Canal, Colorado Biking,

Biking Map...
High Line Canal Trail

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Location: Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas Counties, Colorado (See map)
Distance: 71 miles
Surface: Paved, dirt, gravel
High Line Canal Conservancy

Bike Shops/Rentals:
Cycleton external (Denver)
Bicycle Village external (multiple locations)
Pedal Bike Shop external (Littleton)

Biking on the High Line Canal Trail

This is a section of the trail near Denver

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