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Reported: Sept. 2014

Eastern Promenade Trail...

Scenic Waterfront Trail, Portland, Maine

In Portland, we focused on the Old Port district and east end. We biked along the Eastern Promenade Trail which runs on an old waterfront rail corridor with parallel paved and unpaved trails. A pleasant ride with great water views and the interesting Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum. Above and paralleling the trail on Munjoy Hill for about a mile is the unpaved Eastern Prom Midslope Trail. The Eastern Promenade Trail also intersects with the Back Cove Trail and the Bayside Trail, for a total of about 8 miles of biking. The Eastern Promenade comprises part of the East Coast Greenway (Maine to Florida).

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Biking Map...
Portland Maine Biking

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Location: Portland, ME (See map)
Distance: 2 miles (additional biking available via linked trails)
Surface: Paved

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Bike Shops/Rentals:
The Portland EnCYCLEpedia external (rentals, tours)
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Biking at Portland, Maine

Portland Eastern Promenade

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