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Pennsylvania Bike Trails

Pennsylvania is taking full advantage of its many miles of unused rail lines to build a network of rail trails. We particularly like the oil heritage area in northwestern Pennsylvania along the Allegheny River, but also need to return to visit more sections of the Great Allegheny Passage, Cumberland Valley Rail Trail, and Pine Creek Rail Trail. See links below for more details:

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail

Biking, Cumberland Valley Rail Trail, Pennsylvania,

Civil War and agricultural heritage corridor

Great Allegheny Passage (GAP)

Biking Great Allegheny Passage, Pennsylvania,

150 miles from Pittsburgh, PA, to Cumberland, MD

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Biking, Pine Creek Rail Trail, Pennsylvania,

Stunning ride through Pine Creek Gorge

Oil Region Heritage Area

This area of northwestern Pennsylvania through the Allegheny Valley - dubbed "the Valley that Changed the World" - is recognized as both a Pennslvania State-designated Heritage Area, and a Federal National Heritage Area. It was here in 1859 that Edwin Drake drilled the first commercial oil well, an event that changed history. The Allegheny River and railroads built to support the industry were key; these rail-trails help preserve that heritage. The stunning scenery and historic artifacts make this a unique and memorable biking destination.

Allegheny River Trail

Biking, Allegheny River Trail, Pennsylvania,

32 mile rail-trail, scenic bridges, tunnels

Oil Creek State Park Trail

Biking, Oil Creek State Park Trail, Pennsylvania,

Petroleum industry historic sites

Samuel Justus Recreational Trail

Biking, Samuel Justus Trail, Pennsylvania,

Connecting to the Allegheny River Trail at Franklin

Sandy Creek Trail

Biking, Sandy Creek Trail, Pennsylvania,

Scenic with 7 bridges, tunnel

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