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Reported: May 2017

Keuka Lake Outlet Trail...

Biking at New York's Finger Lakes

In New York's Finger Lakes region, this scenic, well-maintained 7-mile trail is popular with hikers and bikers. The trail follows the stream (the "outlet") that connects Keuka Lake (at Penn Yan) and Seneca Lake (at Dresden). The ride is mostly wooded and serene, with waterfalls and historical sights. There are picnic tables and benches at both ends and along the way, plus several parking/access points. No really bad road crossings, but do be watchful particularly at Ridge Road. (Detailed map and photos below.)

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Biking Map...
Keuka Lake Outlet Trail

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Location: Penn Yan to Dresden, NY (See map)
Distance: 7 miles
Surface: Crushed stone, dirt; a short portion at Penn Yan is paved

Support and Advocacy:
Friends of the Outlet, Inc. external

Bike Shops/Rentals:
Shoreline Rentals external (Penn Yan; rentals)
Weaver's Bicycle Shop external (Penn Yan; sales, service)

Biking Keuka Lake Outlet Trail

Penn Yan to Dresden

The trail is mostly downhill from Penn Yan to Dresden, with a mild incline. An easy ride with just a few steeper sections, though we flat-land Floridians found the return trip a bit wearing (starting from Dresden and biking uphill, then coasting back is an option). Scenic stream views, waterfalls and interesting historical stops along the way including Seneca Mills (site of the first sawmill, 1789), old locks and dams. Several parking areas along the way.

More Information and Resources

Keuka Lake Outlet History:
Keuka Lake Outlet has an interesting history external, having been a link in the inland water route across New York State and power source for many mills. The trail is on an old railroad bed (which previously was a towpath) that runs between the natural stream and the remnants of the Crooked Lake Canal built in the 1830's. The remains of some of the 40 mills, 12 dams and locks can be seen along the trail.

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