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Latest update: June 2023

Three Rivers Greenway... Greater Columbia, SC

Scenic Biking Options - Trail Map and Photos

The Three Rivers Greenway is a network of unconnected trails totaling about 18 miles (and growing). For recreational bikers, three trail sections stand out: (1) Columbia Riverwalk along the Broad River, (2) Cayce - West Columbia Riverwalk along the Congaree River, and (3) Saluda Riverwalk along the Saluda River. All feature pleasant scenery and good signage, so biking is fun and easy. (Detailed map, photos below.)

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Biking Map...
Three Rivers Greenway

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Location: Greater Columbia Area, SC (See map)
Distance: Best biking 14.5 miles, all sections total 18 miles
Surface: Paved Asphalt, 8-10 feet

Support and Advocacy:
The River Alliance external

Bike Shops/Rentals:
Cycle Center external (sales, service)
Blue Bike SC external (bike-share rentals)

Best Sections for Biking... Three Rivers Greenway

Below are brief overviews of the 3 longest biking sections (with links to full page descriptions). All are paved asphalt, 8-10' wide. The Greenway layout can be confusing, so our Google map may be especially useful in planning your ride. (The map also helps you envision the future connections.)  All trail sections are lighted, and well marked, with call boxes, restrooms, historic sites, exhibits, picnic areas, and many scenic overlooks. Note: Portions may be closed at times due to heavy rains or maintenance.

Bike South Carolina, Three Rivers Greenway

Columbia Riverwalk - Located in Columbia, SC, best biking is 3 miles. (Other sections not yet connected.)

  • Runs along a long, narrow island between the Broad River and Columbia Canal on a levee built in the early 1800s.
  • Long straightaways here make it popular with road bikes.
  • Where the island widens, a 1-mile hiking trail goes through lowlands.
  • From the high levee, we spotted numerous deer in this area.
  • More open than the other riverwalks, best shade is later in the day.

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Bike South Carolina, Three Rivers Greenway

Cayce - West Columbia Riverwalk - Located in West Columbia and Cayce, SC, about 8.5 miles of continuous trail.

  • Runs along the west side of the Congaree River.
  • Built to conserve the larger trees, the trail weaves almost continuously, with no long straightaways.
  • At the northern end, the West Columbia Riverwalk (1st mile) is popular with walkers and often congested on weekends
  • Connecting seamlessly at the southern end, the Timmerman Trail loops through the Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve.

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Bike South Carolina, Three Rivers Greenway

Saluda Riverwalk - Located in Columbia, SC, about 3.5 miles along the north shore of the Saluda River.

  • West of the Broad River, the water is colder and clearer.
  • Great views of rapids below parking lot at Riverview Park.
  • The trail passes Riverbanks Zoo & Garden and links to Boyd Island Sanctuary (worth a look).
  • Conserving the larger trees, this riverwalk weaves continuously, but perhaps less so than its southern cousin.

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